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Contract Financing

Commercial Construction and Manufacturing Financing.

Your current projects or new projects should be slowed down because of low cash flow. The need to cover materials, labor, and early expenses before you can bill for jobs is common. What do you do when these costs come up but don't have the means to cover them? 

How Can I Finance My Contracts?
We first need to know about the contract and see the contract or purchase order for the project seeking funding. After review of this and a few basic financial documents, we send you a term sheet that specifies exactly how much you are approved for and how much the loan will cost you in the amount of time you requested to complete the job. 
What Do I Need to Qualify?
2 Years in Business
$1 M+ Gross
3+ Active Projects
Before You Take A
Merchant Cash Advance... 
Read This!
Merchant Cash Advance
Contract Financing Loan
Contract Value
Loan Amount
120 Days
120 Days
Repayment Structure
$3,140 Daily Debit
Pay when invoice payment is received
Total Cost of Capital
*Example above based on a Merchant Cash Advance Factor Rate of 1.35 
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