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Ali Baqri
Coffee House

I highly recommend CapLadder and the Business Credit Suite.  It changed the trajectory of my business and life completely. 

This is a family business and I grew up helping my parents at the store.  Since the age of 12, I would help out with cleaning and stocking. By the age of 16, I would work afternoons and weekends on the register and preparing orders. 

Eventually, with my parents needing more time off, I started taking over the business and quickly realized "running the business" was harder than I imagined.

I worked day and night, mostly because I wanted to grow the business but didn't have the capital, so to save up, I would hold off on hiring and working the shifts myself.

One night, I came across CapLadder's site and registered for an online webinar they were having.   The webinar talked about being able to build business credit and fund myself.  Truth be told, that night, I didn't purchase the course.

Several months later, I attended a small business expo and ran into the CapLadder booth and I recalled the webinar I had attended.  I spoke with one of their credit advisors and he was incredibly helpful, providing me with tons of information.

I purchased the Business Credit Suite program and I have to say, it was worth every penny. Within 8 months the business had access to over $100K if we needed to tap into it.

We even began looking at a 2nd location now having the means to do it.

I highly recommend CapLadder and the Business Credit Suite program.  It changed the trajectory of my business and life completely.

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