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Invoice Financing

Get paid on your outstanding invoices the same day, while still giving your clients the flexibility of net terms. Let CapLadder help alleviate and solve cash-flow constraints forever.

See if you Qualify for Invoice Financing in Less Than 60 Seconds

Do you qualify?

Accounts receivable financing, commonly referred to as “invoice factoring” is an arrangement where businesses can exchange future client payments for immediate cash. The company sells unpaid invoices to a third-party financial institution – an invoice factoring company. The third-party purchases the invoice(s) at a discounted rate and the business receives the funds up-front. Instead of waiting for a customer or client to pay the invoice, they get the cash much sooner, usually within 1-2 days. This provides them with an injection of capital which can be used to pay for operational costs and overhead like rent, utilities, and payroll expenses.

Months in business
Monthly Revenue
Personal Credit Score
Understanding Invoice Financing
Invoice Factoring_1.png
Max Approval:
Term Length:
Cost of Funds:
Funding Timeline:
Approvals up to
$5 Million
120+ day invoice terms
Weekly rates starting
at 0.25%
1-2 business days
See if you Qualify for
Invoice Financing in Less Than
60 Seconds
Minimum qualification
What you need to apply
6 months in business
530 personal credit score
$30,000 in monthly revenue
Completed application
A/R Aging Report
Copy of outstanding invoices
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