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Lauren Waters
Waters Apparel

When I opened my business I was prepared... or so I thought. 

After a couple of years my shop was steadily growing and I was even able to hire additional staff permanently and not just seasonally.  

Sounds pretty good right? Well not really.  

Growing my business takes capital and thankfully we were selling but I would use my personal credit to handle the expenses throughout the month.  I would typically be able to payoff the balances in a month or two, but my personal credit fell off a cliff!  Even though payments were always made on time, the high utilization on just two credit cards I used for the business my fico score dropped significantly.

After a couple of attempts and wasted money to boost my credit score with credit repair companies I felt it was a lost cause. I mean, I couldn't stop using the cards; I need to run my business.

I even remember wanting to buy an apartment, but couldn't qualify for a mortgage!

One day, I remember getting a call from CapLadder and I even remember being a little busy so I didn't pay much attention. Thankfully, the person sent me an email, and later that day I was able to review it.

The following day I called them back and was surprised to learn they could help me.

I ultimately purchased the Business Credit Suite, and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Within 5 months, I was able to build my business credit and obtain credit cards with limits over $30,000.  All under my EIN and not associated to my personal social security number.  I paid off the cards that were in my personal name and my fico score increased to over 700!

I'm so thankful for all the help I got from CapLadder.  I highly recommend!       

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